Episode #066: James B. Rosseau, Sr.

Brandon Steiner is joined by James B. Rosseau, Sr., author of "Success on Your Own Terms."

It's up to you to create your custom-tailored career and define success your way. How? Combine your burning passion with drive, determination, strategy, and commitment to pay it forward; and find and nurture mentor support, stay steady on your path, and see the fireworks.

"My passion is helping others find their success. Results are delivered by people who are thoroughly engaged in what they do - and those that are truly engaged, are connected with their passion. I am here to help you (and your team if applicable) embrace your passion, develop a plan to achieve your goals and make consistent progress. Whether you'd like to explore more about the online course or have me visit with your team, I am here to help."

(Recorded in 2015)


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