Episode #031: Joseph Durso & Nicholas Stavola

Authors of "Teachable Moments and Essential Discussions...Twenty-Five Things a Father Should Do With His Son" Joseph Durso and Nicholas Stavola discuss their book with Brandon Steiner. This book is not a guide or parenting “how to,” but a selection of unrestricting suggestions that are designed to involve a father in his son’s life. Author Nicholas A Stavola, in collaboration with Joseph Durso, have used their experience as fathers, sons, and educators within the New York City Public School system to discuss the positive and negative impact male role models can have on young men. Through personal observations and countless conversations they have focused on twenty-five activities designed with the sole purpose of allowing a father to be that role model by encouraging creativity and eliciting the essential discussions that are a must for any father to have with his son. This book does not tell men how to be fathers. This book is the first to deliver ideas on where and how to start by utilizing the greatest asset all fathers have…their time.


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