Brandon Steiner, the go-to guy for sports Memorabilia

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By Cindy Adams
April 21, 2014 | 12:57am

Brandon Steiner of Steiner Sports speaking at a Yankees press conference in 2009
Photo: Charles Wenzelberg

For sports memorabilia, the brand name is Brandon Steiner.

“June 14 is 20 years since the Rangers won the Stanley Cup in ’94,” he said. “We’re doing a big reunion. Big. Together, Mark Messier, Adam Graves, Brian Leetch, the whole team. Next day a big charity dinner, big party in Westchester at the Rye Hilton.

“July, probably the 92nd Street Y, I’m planning a Clutch Event.” Big? “Yeah, big. Guys who made a save at that needed time like Joe Namath, Clyde Frazier, Derek Jeter — ones who came through at those clutch moments under big pressure.”

Looking to grab the Babe’s cap, Mantle’s bat or Derek’s drawers? The go-to guy is Steiner, who explained how it all began:

“I was 15. My parents took me to see the Red Sox. I couldn’t wait to see Fenway again, and then I got Thurman Munson’s autograph — and I was hooked.”

And now? He’s big.

Coming of age

Stories lately about iffy Hillary — will she/won’t she/is she/isn’t she. Her so-called indecision is partly the age factor. Not just her age. Ours. The ­“We-Love-Hillary” chorus is silver-haired. Up in years. America’s new ready-to-vote grown-ups? Take a sampling. Younguns who don’t know from Kennedys aren’t even wrapped too tight when it comes to the name Clinton.

Odds & ends

Last week Ed Asner told me he’s off to a seder, and I wrote I didn’t know he was Jewish. This week from California came a FedEx’d box of matzos to me signed “Love, Ed.” . . . Thursday, Academy of American Poets, Lincoln Center, Tina Fey reads James Tate’s poem “The List of Famous Hats” about Napoleon’s tri-cornered job doffed for a bathing cap. “By the shores of Gitche Gumee,” it’s not.

Neil’s ‘Hedwig’ caters to auds

AT “Hedwig and the Angry Inch.” Fab Neil Patrick Harris, dancing, singing, mugging in blond wig, stilettos, jewels, boobs and mini comes off more ladylike than Kashing-in Kardashian. In the jammed audience, alongside balding, bearded dudes with earrings, star party planner Larry Sutton, who’s catering June 10’s Shakira, Cissy Houston, Nate Berkus gospel choir extravaganza. For $1 million a shot you, too, can hire him.

Best laid plans

AT “Of Mice and Men,” James Earl Jones said: “I’ll be doing a revival of ‘You Can’t Take It With You.’ ” Katie Couric: “I’m with the ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ group. Lots of very smart scientists.” Edie Falco said nothing because she was booked but didn’t show. Clad in pj’s, she broke her foot. And the date just happened to have been Pajama Day.

The play? A) Can’t knock Steinbeck. B) Can’t knock James Franco. C) Chris O’Dowd as lummox Lenny, excellent. D)In Act 1, shooting a dog? Too much for my stomach.

Bits & pieces

ATT’Y General Eric Holder bonding with B. Clinton’s Defense Sec’y William Cohen over Bond 45 dinner . . . Christine Lahti: “My dad told a reporter 40 years ago: ‘My college daughter will be a big star someday.’ I was mortified.” Unmortified Lahti today stars in “Hateship Loveship”. . . June 15, 10th ann’y of off-B’way’s “Intimate Apparel” with Viola Davis, will replay starring Oscar nominee Viola.

GREAT Neck’s Mike Ellis on a Sunset Park, Brooklyn, furniture store. It advertises: “Welcome to the spring sale! 20 percent off everything in the store (certain items only).”

Only in New York, kids, only in New York.



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