Brandon Steiner's You Gotta Have Balls Is A Book You Gotta Have

By Don Laible

I'm a fan - a really, really, big fan of Brandon Steiner. Once you read his book You Gotta Have Balls , you'll be lining up behind me,too .

If you are looking to be motivated in your quest to find a calling in life, get a copy of You Gotta Have Balls. In all my 53 years on this earth I have never gone from zero to beyond the speed limit in renewed enthusiasm with each day, once completing the 188 pages of wisdom up for grabs in Steiner's pseudo memoir. The secondary title tells you all you need to know about the journey Balls ( Wiley and Sons,Inc. ) will take you on - ' How a Kid from Brooklyn Started from Scratch, Bought Yankee Stadium, and Created a Sports Empire '.

Brandon is the guy you see on the YES Network peddling every conceivable type of New York Yankees memorabila. In the New York area, Steiner is as much a celebrity as most who are afforded TV time during sporting events. As a kid growing up in a single parent household, Brandon learned at a very early age how to survive in the streets. As driven to succeed as few I have ever known, out of necessity, Brandon put himself through Syracuse University ( and there was a visit to the Utica College campus during his decision making period ), climbed the ladder in the hospitality industry , then eventually to taking the 'Big Apple ' by storm. Slowly but surely, he created a sports empire that today is as diverse as the sports personalities and teams he licenses.

You Gotta Have Balls appears to be a neat package for Steiner to distribute, for those who want to know where he came from and where he's going. " The paint isn't dry on my story ", Steiner said during our telephone conversation from his office in New Rochelle, New York last week. " The book is important to get a little closure. I feel that I still have a lot of things to do; constantly reinventing projects. Some of the book is a tribute to my mother ( Evelyn ). She had a big impact on my life ".

How does a one become close confidants to Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and Eli Manning ? Trust. Brandon Steiner earned his way to the sports A - list of entrepreneurs . Steiner struck a working relationship with the Yankees that ultimately lead to him selling the Stadium in the Bronx , once the last game was played on September 20, 2008. You also must read and learn more on mastering 'the deal' in business, as Steiner heads to Notre Dame University. As a result, Steiner Sports welcomes the Irish as a client to his empire. Brandon's love of waking up each day to accept the countless possibilities that are for the taking is contagious. The amount of times that I will be lending my copy of You Gotta Have Balls to those who could use a pick me up, for business and or pleasure, will surely wear away the dust jacket bearing Steiner's picture. This ought to be required reading for those looking for an edge in their professional lives the same as for many, as an early morning stop at their neighborhood Starbucks. It's that delicious in advice for all not afraid to put in the time to reach their ultimate goal.

Just learning who purchased what ( Yankee players had to pay, too ) and for how much, and just how you go about dismantling the most famous stadium in the world, you will be glad you are able to hold a copy of Balls in your hands. Coming from nothing and refusing to be kept down, anyone today who thinks they can't touch the stars they would reach for, need to read Steriner's story.

I'm begging Brandon Steiner to follow up with a volume two, surely his life has a few more stories that would fuel others to never give up, never surrender.


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