The Key to Success Is “You Gotta Have Balls”

By Ron Karr September 19th, 2012

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Imagine having the guts to go on a limb and buy the old Yankee Stadium so you can have the privilege of taking it down piece by piece and selling it piece by piece.  You think you would make money doing this?

This is what Brandon Steiner, founder and CEO of Steiner Sports Marketing did.  And boy did he make a lot of money.

His new book, “You Gotta Have Balls”, is being released today and it shares all of his secrets on how he built a powerful marketing/sales organization.  His strategies are legendary and they will help you make lots of money too.

I asked Brandon to discuss one of the key strategies he used to build the premiere sports marketing company in the country (successful partnerships with the Yankees, Red Sox and other teams).  He said he always worked to become a trusted source so the athletes would be comfortable in dealing with him and customers would be open to new ideas and not feel like they were being sold to.  This is how he partnered with the premier college sports franchise, Notre Dame.

Notre Dame is a brand so big that it shies away from displaying other company’s logos in their stadium.  Having been invited to attend an introductory meeting in South Bend, Brandon and his team went there not to make a sale.  They went to develop a relationship built on trust.  Having succeeded, Notre Dame then visited his NY offices and before long the two organizations started a long-term relationship.

Brandon Steiner is a street guy with real feelings and common flaws just like all of us.  He shares the struggles he faces and how he deals with them.  He shares the emotions he must put in check and the strategies he uses to grow sales and profits.

If you are looking for new ideas on how to build a business and grow sales, read the story of a legendary figure that has done it all.  Get your copy of “You Gotta Have Balls” today.  I guarantee you will find some golden nuggets that will help you grow your sales and business.


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