Mariano Rivera Souvenirs Flood the Market After Yankees Closer Sets All-Time Saves Record

Mariano Rivera's record-breaking save led hordes of fans to hurl money at souvenirs Tuesday and had memorabilia hawkers hoping to close pump their coffers full with cash.

"I'm a quintessential New Yorker. I've got to buy a shirt today," said Ernest Heron, 50, of Westchester as he perused the shelves at Modell's "You keep it for posterity."

Steiner Sports had a whole line ready to go to mark the occasion, with a logo of the Yankee pitcher and the words "all-time leader 602 saves."

For $60, they offered a tasteful plaque with Rivera's photo and a smidge of "authenticated game used" dirt from Yankee Stadium.

Modell's flooded its shelves with Mo-themed gear - including shirts reading "Mo knows Saves," and other proclaiming him "All-time Saves Leader."

"You've got to show off what your team has accomplished," said Junior Olmeda, 39, of West Harlem as he eyed a Rivera shirt. "It's Yankee pride, New York pride."

On eBay, unused tickets for the record-breaking game were being hawked for $30 each.

An autographed photo was going for $449 while a slew of signed balls varied from about $40 to $900.

There was even an "Enter Sandman, Mariano 'Mo' Rivera 602 Saves," bracelet for $9.99.

Steiner had 3,602 hand-signed baseballs with the 602 logo for sale at $199 each. With every ball, comes a $30 capsule of stadium dirt.

"Mariano wanted as many fans as possible to participate in the collection," said Steiner Sports CEO Brandon Steiner.

Hand-signed photographs from the historic Sept. 19 game against the Twins at Yankee Stadium will be for sale, along with signed jerseys and cleats, the memorabilia giant promised.

Steiner also has jerseys worn by Rivera in other games going for ten grand each. Pants he wore in 2009 are $300.


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