Yanks Hitting Paydirt: New York Post 2010

More than three tons of dirt was dug out of the old Stadium to make collectibles

Forget the alchemists turning lead into gold. They have nothing on the marketers who are turning tons of ordinary dirt from Yankee Stadium into $10 million and count-ing. The dirt, collected be-fore the old ballpark was demolished, bas been used in some 360,000 collect-ibles that were sold to Yankee fans willing to dig deep into their pockets f~r a smidgen of the old Stadi-um's sacred soil. Some of the treasure was scraped from mere inches below the surface. More was shoveled from two feet down. The dirt was dug from of the infield, outfield and areas around home plate aIid thetc~~her's mound. Less half an ounce was sealed in each of thou-sands of transparent plas-tic disks that were artfully inserted into souvenirs such as posters, plaques and paperweights. More than three tons of the stuff bas been dug out so far -and half of it was used in $10 million worth of products.

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