‘Home’ Shopper: Rudy a Stadium Collector

Ruth built it. Rudy's buying it.

The high-priced sale of Yankee Stadium memorabilia is a hit with former mayor and lifelong fan Rudy Giuliani, who is planning to grab grass, dirt and seats right out of the park.

"He wants a little bit of everything," said Brandon Steiner, whose company Steiner Sports is handling the official Stadium fire sale. "He's a bit of a collector."

Giuliani -- who already has four Yankee World Series rings and Yankee Stadium seats in his collection -- is currently in talks with Steiner over the specific goodies he wants to take home, but is expected to place his order this week.

"He definitely wants his seats, the two he sits in near the dugout," Steiner said. "He definitely wants grass, and he asked about our dirt products, for his office or for his kids."
Giuliani "is going to look at the inventory list" again, and Steiner expects he'll order more mementos.

"He's a great fan," Steiner said.

One thing Giuliani won't be getting: a discount.

"Nope," Steiner said. "We're trying to keep this on an even scale."

The items Giuliani wants so far could set him back as much as $2,000, according to the company's price list.

Giuliani was not available for comment.

Steiner started selling pieces of the old Yankee Stadium in conjunction with the team last week. The Yankees paid the city $11.5 million for the rights to sell everything from signs to seats to bat racks.

The items -- from a $50,000 piece of sod cut from the "NY" logo behind home plate to a $30 plaque with game-used dirt -- are available online via auctions and fixed price listings.
Giuliani isn't the only bold-faced name interested in pinstriped pieces of baseball history, Steiner said.

Actor Richard Gere has contacted Steiner and is mulling exactly what he wants to buy.

NBA superstar and die-hard Yankee fan LeBron James is interested in several items, and fellow NBA hoops star Jason Kidd, formerly of the New Jersey Nets, is looking to snap up seats, which cost $1,499.99 a pair.

Talk-show host Maury Povich and newsman Keith Olbermann are also looking to snag a few chairs.
Director Spike Lee and former Gov. George Pataki also expressed interest in seats and other memorabilia, said Steiner, who estimated that $1 million worth of merchandise is being sold every day.


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