New in Upper East Side Ice Cream : Last Licks
Tuesday, June 16, 2008

The coming of summer means many excellent things, of course: more daylight, warm weather (ok, HOT weather), no homework to stress over... and, so, a perfect confluence of conditions for turning any random Tuesday-night dessert into a fun family outing.

Upper East Side ice cream eaters now have a terrific new destination for sweet treats that the whole family will enjoy, in a place that--bonus!--is actually pleasant and entertaining to hang out in: Last Licks Ice Cream, a fully-equipped, sports-themed ice-cream parlor.

First, the setting. The owners of the Last Licks chainlet (there are three other branches in Westchester) are clearly crazy about sports, and there's enough interesting and unusual New York City sports memorabilia here to keep both the rabid and the casual fan intrigued. Come game-time, the five flat screens are fired up, and the place can definitely get lively. It's always tough on parents to come up with ideas for New York City birthday parties, and Last Licks, with a private party room, make-your-own-sundae bar, and all manner of sports-themed games and prizes, is certainly a welcome option for those living in and around Manhattan Upper East Side apartment rentals.

As for the ice cream itself... this is nice and creamy stuff, generous with the fillings, satisfyingly sweet. We've had better, but we've also had a lot worse. The flavors tend toward the creative, from Mike Richter Ricky Road, Vanilla KryptoNATE and Joba Chamberlain and Cream, to Moose Tracks, Cotton Candy, and a shockingly-colored Superman (below) that only a kid could love. There are milk shakes and sundaes galore, of course, and half a dozen kinds of frozen yogurt, and a long counter filled with candy and other sweets. If eating a fun dessert and watching a bit of the game with your kids is what you're after, Last Licks definitely delivers. It's also the perfect place to consider for New York City birthday party ideas.

Last Licks Ice Cream is located on 93rd Street, just west of Second Avenue, and is open until 10:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday; and until 10:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.


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