New York Yankees and Steiner Sports Marketing Announce Partnership To Market Yankees Memorabilia and Fantasy Experiences With Top Players

Steiner Sports Press Release
December, 2004

The New York Yankees and Steiner Sports Marketing, a full-service sports marketing and event company, today announced the launch of an unprecedented multi-year partnership to provide fans with access to Yankees memorabilia and players. The partnership will be named Yankees-Steiner Collectibles and the Yankees have agreed to release hundreds of authenticated Yankees' mementos from America's favorite team.

Yankees-Steiner Collectibles will market a wide range of products, which will include game-used bases, bats, balls, player jerseys, caps and line-up cards. Many of these objects will be signed by players. Their value will vary depending upon the type of artifact, whether or not it is signed, and the significance of the game in which the object was used or worn. The existing memorabilia will be authenticated by tamper-proof holograms with the Yankees-Steiner Collectibles logo. In addition to the newly created and Major League Baseball approved hologram, future artifacts sold through the partnership will be authenticated by on-site auditors from Deloitte and Touche as part of MLB's authentication program.

Yankees-Steiner Collectibles will also market unique first-hand experiences with players, such as the opportunity to have a photograph taken with a player and to acquire the jersey worn by the player for the photo. Fans will also have the opportunity to pre-buy a game ball - online - for a game to which the fan has a ticket.

"I am very excited that fans are going to be able to acquire authentic Yankees' memorabilia for which there has always been such a huge demand," said Lonn Trost, Chief Operating Officer of the New York Yankees. "Steiner Sports Marketing has worked hard and with great integrity for many years in building credibility as a high-profile sports marketing company. I have complete confidence that they can do justice to the historic and emotional value of these collectibles and, at the same time, assist fans in acquiring them through an ethical and efficient process."Yankees-Steiner Collectibles will market the memorabilia through bi-annual auctions, the Yankees Clubhouse Shops. Arrangements are also being made to market the memorabilia online at the Yankees' official website ( and at

"I've worked in the sports marketing business for 17 years," said Steiner Sports Chairman Brandon Steiner, "and throughout that time authenticated Yankees' collectibles have always been the most sought-after items. We're unbelievably excited that we've been given the opportunity to work with the greatest team on earth to give fans access to these artifacts. This really is the stuff of dreams."

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