The Art of the Double-Dial

For all of you out there thinking that today’s technology has completely changed the way we do business, you’re wrong.

One of the best ways to get things done has, is and always will be through the telephone.

Introducing the Double-Dial.

It’s a very simple tactic and one that is highly effective.

Someone didn't pick up when you called their cell? Wait 30 seconds. Call ‘em again.

We did a survey at Steiner Sports and over the last six months we’ve found that 85% of the time someone will pick up on the second call.

Maybe they were busy. Maybe they missed the call just as they were about to pick it up. Maybe they were in a meeting.

Regardless of the circumstance, the double-dial lets the recipient know you’re serious; you’re acting aggressively because you have something important to talk about.

Be a gladiator; be tenacious. Don’t wait ‘til the next day to call back. You’ll never get through.

The Double-Dial is one of the best new tactics we employ at Steiner Sports. Please keep it a secret and don’t tell anyone.


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