Only Go as Fast as the Slowest Part of You Can Go.

I think most of us move too fast these days. We’re over-scheduled, trying to do too much. We try to do a million things each day, and accordingly, we can’t do a very quality job on any one of them.

To see the proof of what I’m saying, try this simple exercise:

Go over your calendar for the last two weeks. I’m sure you have dozens of meetings, phone calls, follow-ups and G-d knows what else in there.

Now ask yourself these questions for each:

Did you get the most out of these appointments?

Could you have done a better job following up?

Could you have sacrificed some of them to be more engaged with others?

See - there are some appointments and projects we should just say no to. Not because they’re no good, but because they prevent us from doing our best on other things.

Here are two examples from my life: sleep and lunch.

I used to get to the office every morning and, because there’s so much work I want to attack, I would often skip lunch.

But when I look back on my work in the past, I realize that I was zoning out a bit before the end of each day. Therefore, anything I was trying to do in the early evening was not receiving 100% of me.

The bottom line is that I was trying to go too fast.

I need to focus on getting more sleep, and eating better, so more of my endeavors get the best of me.

Focus in on the now and envision the future. Since we opened CX, I have made it a point to obtain solid nights of sleep, to eat healthy and hearty breakfasts and lunches, to focus more on ME. A healthier me results in healthier work.

What about you? Are you running efficiently? Looking back at the past two weeks - did you get the most out of those experiences? How well are you doing with your intra-personal relationships? Are people getting your all? Are you eating and sleeping well?

Are you the best you - or just the fastest you?

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Quote of the day: "Today you have never been this old before and will never be this young again. Right now matters!” – Dan Clark

Song of the Day: “Running Down a Drain” – Tom Petty


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