Have Brandon Speak At Your Next Event

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Are you tired of bringing into your office guest speakers who promise to invigorate your team and make it more productive and efficient, but who instead cause the eyes of your employees to glaze over, and their mouths to hang open with that “We’ve heard this all before – about 100 times” look?

If this question at all resonated with you, it’s high time you brought in someone who will communicate with your team members in a way they’ve never heard before: Brandon Steiner.

In short, not only does Brandon know how to make you and your staff a more productive and efficient team, but he will communicate these lessons in a way that will resonate and actually be remembered.

Here’s what you’ll get when hiring Brandon as a speaker:

  1. Knowledge from the founder and working CEO of Steiner Sports Memorabilia, the leader in the Sports Memorabilia industry.
  2. Inspiration, motivation and a drive to pursue your professional ambitions.
  3. Give insight on how to better build your community.
  4. Rags-to-riches life story.
  5. Brandon’s secret for big business: You Gotta Have Balls.
  6. An in-depth look into Brandon’s collection of baseballs, dirt and relationships.

In 2003, Brandon published his first book, The Business Playbook: Leadership Lessons from the World of Sports. The Business Playbook was supported by a national book tour which brought Brandon to give lectures at some of the top business schools in the country including: The Harvard Business School, The Kellogg School of Business, Columbia and Yale among countless others. Brandon’s motivational speaking engagements have put him in front of Fortune 500 companies ranging from hotel chains to real estate companies and he is often the featured guest speaker at trade conventions. Brandon reveals to his audiences the principles of leadership, selling tools, teamwork, strategy, planning, and how to climb the ladder of success.

Brandon’s down-to-earth manner, combined with his wealth of experience, makes him an ideal ‘coach’ for the hospitality industry.

Brandon has a unique way of hitting people with lessons and information that immediately evoke a response and reaction. He has a way of reaching audiences of all ages, and bringing a message of inspiration that transcends demographics. His success in the board room, coupled with his childhood struggles and his propensity for self-improvement, bring sincerity to his message and leave a lasting impact. You will leave Brandon’s talk and immediately begin to change the way you think.

Schedule Brandon as a guest speaker for your team today and reap the benefits of his unique ability to reach each individual, inspiring and propelling your team to new possibilities.
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