You Gotta Have Balls

You Gotta Have Balls

How a Kid from Brooklyn Started From Scratch,
Created His Own Sports Empire,
and Bought Yankee Stadium,

Growing up poor in Brooklyn, Brandon Steiner had to scrounge for change whenever he wanted to see a game at his beloved Yankee Stadium. After purchasing the cheapest ticket available, he rarely had enough left over to buy even a hot dog. Some four decades later, as CEO of Steiner Sports, Brandon runs a multi-million dollar marketing and memorabilia company with an inventory of more than 10,000 collectibles – including the disassembled parts of that same Yankee Stadium.

You Gotta Have Balls details Steiner’s entrepreneurial odyssey, from his first job at the age of ten – sweeping the floor of a grocery – to signing legendary athletes including Derek Jeter and Mark Messier, and closing deals with the likes of the Yankees and Notre Dame football.

Over the course of his journey, Steiner soldiered through countless peaks and valleys – both professional and personal – and had to reinvent himself at almost every turn. Along the way, he developed some of the most innovative approaches to business and commerce you’re likely to see anywhere – strategies that virtually any entrepreneur or manager would be wise to consider.
In  You Gotta Have Balls, Steiner puts us inside his own mind, demonstrating from the inside-out the business and life philosophies that have propelled him to the top of the sports and marketing worlds. These ideals include:

  • Be first to market (invent the market)
  • Ask “What Else?” when working with clients to enhance relationships and create more business
  • Expand your business into the right areas, rather than expanding just for the sake of it
  • Manage employees at every level with the same core principles to build teamwork
  • Cultivate relationships and infuse them with trust – the intangible keys to any successful deal
  • Truly commit to your business, with 100% of your being

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